If you are looking for "Truth" you have come to the right place. What you are going to learn here will happen whether you believe it or not. We have been teaching this truth for years and people are finally realizing that it is coming to pass. For some this will be quite disturbing and fearful, but do not worry. For those of us who have the right kind of knowledge and faith, we have absolutely nothing to fear or worry about.

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Here we go: Check out this Crazy short Video Proving our society is about to be co-dependent on Human Microchip implants Click here for video

The latest developments in the world wide economic control grid are hastily replacing cash with a very real human micro-chip implantable technology. We are rapidly moving towards a cashless society which has been prophesied for 2000 year now. Believe it or not, the notorious Mark of the Beast economic and identity system is finally upon us. The New Cashless System and the universal identity program is here to stay. Africa and India have already gone cashless and it is only a matter of time until the whole world falls in line.

The technology is far more sinister than you think.They even have a nice little bio-metric tattoos that will allow you to control things with your mind. Which means they can also control your mind with these nano-Technology Micro-chips. Check out some pictures of these devilish little devices.

Since the first family was micro-Chipped in 2001, there has been a huge campaign to promote and condition society to accept the human micro-chip implants. In 2004 the FDA approved the RFID micro-chip for safe human implantation and ever since then the idea has become more and more accepted.

Believe it or not, the Vatican has decided to use the micro-chip technology to track it's clergy and employees also. wow.

The US Government desperately wants to pass a Law forcing all Americans to be Micro-Chipped by March of 2013. Although that Law temporarily failed, it is certain that in the near future you will be arrested if you refuse to be micro-chipped. Our government, a newly formed dictatorship, will find a way to make it happen. 

We might as well have implanted micro-chips, the way we are treating people. They are using palm scanners at schools and chipping the police already. Children are getting expelled from school for not wearing the micro-chips on their bodies so that they can be tracked. Why would the FDA approved a drug that contains a tiny micro-chip inside it, meanwhile the government is trying to illegally FORCE vaccines on the public.

Other Countries and local states are already Micro-Chipping their government officials and making it ILLEGAL to use Cash. Italy and Louisiana have already made it illegal to use cash for simple purchases. Sweden wants to end the use of cash also. Even our retail companies like JCPenny will not be accepting CASH anymore. They are even starting to detain people at highway Toll Booths now for using cash to pay the toll.

There are many companies that will not hire you if you're not micro-chipped for security purposes. If you want to work, buy or sell anything at all, you will be required to have a micro-chip implant in the very near future.

Entire Governments in Other Countries are forcing the RFID BIO-CHIP on their top official. World Leaders are now calling for the widespread mandatory use of this technology. It will be Enforced Eventually by a World Dictator for everyone, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive as his ID Mark on their Right Hand or Forehead. Don't think that you can hide from this. The military is making thousands of tiny insect size "Spy Drones" and "robots" that can run faster than humans to hunt us down.

Even Dance Clubs are partaking in this technology. Why not, Fox News, CNBC and others have promoted and discussed it for years now, with all the Propaganda and cute little Commercials for it. It's bound to be a "Big Hit." You can even lose weight and control your diabetes with it. So why not get it, right? No more losing your grandpa to Alzheimer’s disease.

What does all these mean?  
The only real problem I have with it is that the Bible says whoever receives this Mark will not be doom to perish in Hell forever. It will control your mind and you will not be able to repent from your sins. Please pay attention to the section on "How to Escape this Trap." Read Rev. 13:16-18,

Believe it or not, even the Vatican has decided to use the micro-chip technology to track it's clergy and employees also. wow. This is exactly what the Bible says will happen, for the Vatican will be the one to set up an image of the anti-Christ and cause everyone to receive the MARK in their right hand or forehead. 

You Might be a Domestic Terrorist?

Christians are now considered to be the #1 Domestic Terrorist Threat

Communist Law Now Controls Our Once Free Nation. (NDAA)

TSA: 'You might be a Terrorist if you Complain about the TSA'

You Might Be A Terrorist If You Like To Go Camping

If you support certain Political Canidates like Ron Paul

You Might be a Domestic Terrorist if you are a Pro-Life Supporter, Returning Veteran and Support the Bill of Rights.

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US Soldiers Preparing for Martial Law (Video)

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Micro Chip Implants

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Forcing the newest-smallest Micro-Chip Implants

First US Family to get Implant in 2001

US Govenrment FDA Approves RFID Bio-Chip Implant 2004

Mexican Government Implants Top Officials 2007

USA Gov. and World Leaders in support of the human Micro chip ImplantBusinesses are now using it for their employees (Video)

How soon until they force the Bio-Chip Implants on us?

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Fema Stores Coffins- (Video)

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